L1NX is a platform that connects conscious consumers to passionate, local producers; forging links between them. People are empowered to build their own food chains while supporting local.



Producers select as many of the local Links that they are able to supply, list their produce at a price they believe is fair and deliver a single order to each link per their agreed schedule. We believe that food must not be wasted. Producers supply exactly what is ordered. No excess! No waste! And, no excess food miles either.


Anyone with premises can become a Link - simply sign-up on the L1NX app to setup a local Link, select from existing or sign-up local producers and start supplying your local community. We believe in local. Local supply chains create local employment, seasonal food and strong community bonds.


To become a part of the ecosystem, download the L1NX app, select the closest and most convenient Link and place your order via the app. Collect your local produce. It’s that easy. We believe that people need to know where their food comes from. Who produced it. How they produced it. When it was produced. Find out about the producers on the app.








Now, more than ever, it is worth knowing where your food comes from. We know that healthy food comes from healthy soils and from people who care about their produce. Find out about the producers of your food – people and place – on the L1NX app. What’s more, it’s good to know that your produce is from just around the corner and has not contributed to unnecessary food miles. Local is lekker!


The L1NX ecosystem ensures that producers are able to supply and sell just what has been ordered. There’s no guess work involved. The L1NX app sums up customer orders for the producers. They can then deliver exactly what is needed. No excess. No waste. And, because links are local, there is reduced emissions from transport too. No excess. No waste.


iOS and Android apps available

Our L1NX app makes it easy for everyone in the ecosystem to keep in touch. Customers download the app onto their phone, select their closest Link and place their order. It’s interactive and easy to keep in touch with your Link and, the details of the producers are on the app too so you have a clear view of your supply chain.

Customer orders are automatically aggregated and sent to the relevant producers to deliver to schedule. And, when the delivery arrives, the app makes it easy for link managers to verify the delivery, prepare customer orders and take payment.





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