L1NX and Earth Route MArket

L1NX and Earth Route MArket

Happy New Year!

What a strange year 2020 turned out to be. Although we’d like to think we’ve left all of that behind us as 2021 gets underway, we’re starting to realise that uncertain times are here to stay. Perhaps they have always been here. Afterall, the quote “change is the only permanent thing in this world” dates way back to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, some 2500 years ago. All the pandemic has done, is to throw this reality into stark definition and, remind us of how connected we all are.

L1NX Beginnings

L1NX came about as a response to the initial hard lockdown as a means to connect conscious consumers to passionate producers. It was ready for the ecosystem to use just as the initial restrictions eased up. Earth Route Market in Nottingham Road (our personal local market) agreed to trial it and we managed the process each Saturday.

The thinking was that those unsure about being in a public place or those with health risks or those who simply wanted a speedier market day experience, would be able to place their order and collect on the day. Pick up and go!

Many Earth Route Market suppliers signed up to the app and placed their produce on the app for sale. Suppliers recognised the value of a different route to market and appreciated knowing what quantities to provide for their customers on the day. Pre-market sales make a lot of sense for suppliers.

Customers were less motivated and uptake was slow. We needed to remind ourselves that behavioural change takes time – there’s new technology to engage with and, with access to the market back in place, why take the time to order in advance.

That said, we did complete a number of orders for different people who all had different reasons for using the app. We hope we made things a little easier for those who needed it.

Earth Route Market 2021

The first two markets of 2021 have been cancelled and there’s no knowing how things will pan out going forward. Customers in the Nottingham Road area and surrounds again have the opportunity to become part of the Earth Route Market ecosystem and order from local suppliers through L1NX. We are so lucky to live in the Midlands with access to healthy produce from local farms. Why not be a part of it all?


These times remind us that we need to respond to the constant changes and challenges; adapting and finding new ways of creating community, new routes to market and even, innovative ways of educating our children. We’re also reminded that we can all play a part.

What doesn’t change?

It’s also useful for us to remember the bigger picture – our aim is for L1NX to become synonymous with championing SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL ecosystems, promoting CONSCIOUS consumption and, building COMMUNITY.

Our name says it all: L1NX

L1 Local first – look around you and notice what you can do

NX No excess – be conscious about your consumption, be conscious about your travel

Links – it’s all about connection and community

Other ecosystems

The L1NX app has been created to be a local ecosystem for any area/ coffee shop/ passionate community. If that’s you, please contact us.

Our wish for 2021

Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. Although it may be an unusual wish for the year ahead, we hope 2021 brings much strength and resilience in our communities, in our food chains, in ourselves and in our children too.