We woke up on Saturday morning knowing that it was market day! It is awesome to have our local market, Earth Route Market, back up and running again.

Gavin made his way over to the Nottingham Road Farmers Hall bright and early to help with set up and place the L1NX boxes in the L1NX area near the kitchen. He gathered up products from the various suppliers and put together the L1NX customer boxes.

The Earth Route Market team created two parking spaces near the entrance of the hall so that anyone who needs to “pick up and go” can do so easily. Busy mums and Dads or even those who need to take extra care during these strange times can park, collect their order from L1NX and continue. The parking spaces are clearly marked with the L1NX logo and hopefully will prove useful.

The boys and I made our way over to the market just before 8am. The smell of freshly baked croissants wafting from the kitchen made a big impression on the boys! “I can come here every Saturday, no problem!” We tucked into a delicious breakfast of croissants and coffee (for Gavin and myself) as more people started to come through the doors.

I love the thoughtful way the Earth Route Market team have set up the market. All the fresh food stallholders are indoors while the creatives are outdoors and hug the building. One of the team explained that should it rain, the fresh food stallholders need to be protected from the weather and sell their produce regardless. Those outdoors don’t have anything that could perish and could decide to call it a day or stick out the weather if it looks like it could brighten up.

Before lockdown, the market felt a little cramped to me, but this way of working makes good sense and the hall feels spacious. I had a little look around and bought a chicken pie for lunch as well as some snap peas which had escaped my attention when I placed our L1NX order earlier in the week.

I added our extras to our L1NX box. L1NX is near the kitchen at the back door. This way, customers can collect all that they have ordered via L1NX in one spot and on their way out. It’s so much more comfortable to appreciate the market hands free.

We made our way home to make a yummy market lunch when all the L1NX boxes had been collected. Thank you so much to the L1NX “early adopters”! We are so impressed! It’s not easy to try something new. So far, 23 Earth Route Market suppliers have downloaded and placed their products onto the app. And, with so much to choose from, customers are starting to see the value of shopping via the app too.

The long 6 months of no local market has highlighted how much I appreciate local food, local suppliers and local community. I love that with the L1NX app, we can connect with local regardless of what is happening in the larger context.

Thank you Earth Route Market for giving us the opportunity to put L1NX into practise.